Not unusually, I awoke late today and then rode with my housemates into university for the weekly Thursday uni markets, in hope of browsing some exotic offerings. It is normally a charming cacophony of fantastic second hand book stalls, some vintage clothes, plants and seeds for your vegetable garden, with a soundtrack provided by a band playing atmospheric plucky guitar on the lawn. Twangg! Ah, the life of a university student.

Anywho, by the time we arrived the markets were largely packed-up, with only a few stalls left selling metallic pinwheels and other odds&ends.

The not-so-successful market expedition turned into a successful late afternoon of chatter and cheap beer. Our ride home afterwards was exhilarating (read: dangerous); we sped through the dark of the night with a fervour and giddiness reserved mainly for children. Or very hungry, tipsy and slightly irresponsible young adults (read: children.) All in a day's fun!

(not my) bike lights!

Amongst mountains of schoolwork I have to do this weekend, I hope to venture out to the Gorman House markets on Saturday. Here, I can drink grape soda and eat Mexican deliciousness while flicking through racks of vintage-wear. Excellente!

Here are some of my favourite Sunday School items that are ending in less than 24 hours, make sure to bid on those pretties that you have your eye on so you don't miss out!

White eyelet sleeveless mini shift dress.

Pretty peach picnic day dress.

White floral print w/pockets day dress.

Cream button up dress w/collar.

Dark green wool cardigan w/gold buttons.

Light grey/white oversized knitted jumper.

Tomato red blazer w/gold buttons.

There are lots more items in store, so head on over by following this link: