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Finders Keepers Design Markets at Carriage works, Saturday 8 May 2010. In summary: free entrance, woodland creatures still rule the roost - even fantasy ones like bunnies with antlers, oh the terrifying possibilities!- quirky laser cut wooden pendants also largely dominated the knick-knackery and human embellishment market, eye-catching geometric graphic stationery+papergoods from Lox Savvy, luxe fabrics from some great local independent clothing designers, Kevin Rudd's kitchen, and fabric patchwork mushrooms that grew seamlessly (!) from the concrete floor...marvellous. It was healthily attended and a worthwhile excursion even if I didn't buy anything!

I did actually lose something, or someone I should say, at the markets....but not for long, not unusually found him hiding near the stage (which was growing patchwork mushrooms from its base.) And you know the rule folks, finders keepers!