quiet heart.

So I have been in Sydney since Friday to get in some quality time with my beau before he flew away to the Northern Hemisphere for a hundred million weeks or thereabouts. When I arrived in Sydney on Friday I ate a kebab and drank some cider with Mel and then met James at school (School? Friday night? I know. Hard worker.) and swang on a swivel chair and was generally being distracting. So I started to write a new post that went something like this:

"It is 12:30am and I am killing time in the UTS subterranean dungeon computer labs, irritating the skin around my fingernails and panting (so thirsty, need some water or sweet sweet nourishing grape soda) while James finishes making futuristic videos about baby gorillas flying planes underwater (not really). I'm basically at my most unproductive right now. I have opened up one million mozilla tabs that aren't loading and am typing in the few Bahasa words I can remember from my phrase book which I was studying on the bus up here. 'SAYA SUKA MAKAN DI MALL' 'SAYA TIDAK MENGERTI' 'SAYA BISA MAKAN BUKUNYA' while I go ONLINE PRETEND SHOPPING. Liebe marlene regularly posts her pretend shopping purchases and I never felt compelled to do the same until just now."

That's about as far as I got on the text front. Pretty nonsensical. However, out of the murky waters of rubbish ramblings and midnight computer lab cabin fever I came across some delightful new designers. One of my favourites is Juliette Hogan, whose winter '10 collection, aptly named 'so pretty it hurts' basically sums up my feelings for her design. The structured wool pieces and chunky knit scarf tied as a bow are my favourite features of the collection.via juliette hogan

And could her model be any more adorable? That's enough for tonight. I have been sleeping all day after over-imbibing in Sangria last night and feeling pretty ordinary as a result. Also this room and house is so quiet that I feel uncomfortable playing music or making too much noise for fear of disturbing some kind of natural noise equilibrium or something. For the first time I heard a train drum by on the tracks, something I've never heard from this room as it's never quiet enough I guess... I have 2 more assessment pieces to finish by Wednesday and then the semester is over for me. As soon as Wednesday rolls around expect a BIG store update and don't forget to check out what's in store now!