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[wishing I looked this cute travelling]

That's me -'miss'.


Sometimes 'mister!!mister!mister!' thanks to absence of gender case in Bahasa Indonesia. Have heard this word way too many times - I think it's bad for my health or something.

Coming to you from Badran,Yogjakarta. I am living with a family for about another week and a half here, then it is off to speak to the Sultan, then jalan-jalan to Dieng Plateau/back through Yogja/Bromo-Semeru/Bali/Lombok/Bali/Home.

This is the badlands.

As they say when you enter Badran: 'Welcome to The Jungle.' Maybe I'll tell you why one day, maybe you'll just have to see it for yourself. Or google it, that's a start.

I have taken one million thousand photos already and am not even halfway through my exploration. Also I wasted an entire roll of film by winding it right back into itself when loading it. Help? Is there some way I can retrieve this retracted film? Like pulling a snail out of its shell?

This has been one of the most enriching and insightful experiences I have had, there are some special people here. And everywhere.

I can't share photos at the moment as it's a bit tedious uploading on this computer, ma'af! I will do a huge photo-post once I get back home and can pick out my favourites. Will update shortly; store will not be in action until the first week of August - please don't go away!