What happened to the fashioNZ website?

Why all the complicated busy-ness and new interface and taking away from me the user-friendly designer directory I knew so well? Is is just me who finds it annoying? All this hooblah in the third quarter of the page and the moving advertisements are overwhelming my eyeballs and offending my unjustifiably sentimental attachment to the old layout. Plus I can't find Juliette Hogan. That's a problem. A big problem, cookies. Perhaps it's just like adjusting to a new phone. Making the move from pushing buttons to gliding fingers, from flipping the mobile to tapping on it. The first week is filled with frustration and hot-under-the-breath-muttering-accompanied-fumbling, regressing to ignoring the device for a few hours and then coming back to it with fresh eyes, patient hands, acceptance and eventually, irreversible attachment.

So. Anyways. I went to fashioNZ to get my regular fix- trawling through the treasure trove of emerging and established sartorially talented hands & minds to see what was on offer. Despite still half believing that I had somehow been sucked into a parallel internet dimension and had landed on the parallel internet's evil (uglier) stepsister website of fashioNZ, eventually my navigation through lookbooks and designers convinced me otherwise.

And so I found 'World'. Their website asks brashly, "Are You Somebody Bad?", making me feel a bit nervous that I won't be able to fulfill their expectations and therefore should redirect my internet browsing and fashion curiosity elsewhere. I am extending my study break by half an hour longer [what a lovely way to put 'procrastination'], does this qualify me in the 'bad' stakes?

Overall, I am not fabulously enamoured by 'World', but there are individual pieces that I lingered over in my browsing. What I was drawn to was the slogan "House Work Makes You Ugly" (I have been doing some housework over the last few days, and it may not make me look pretty, but that's not the point, right? It's housework), the tailored two-pieces and tapered man-style pants, and the socks. Oh the socks.

World SS09

World AW10

via world

I love the grey suit from AW10. The fur teapot cosy/cape and the blue tubular multi-armed creation are also favourites, because they look a little bit mad. Quite mad. Which is also the reason why I would never wear them but would like to see somebody else in them. Apparently there is a World store in Paddington, Sydney. Maybe these sightings are not so unattainable...

So my study break has sufficiently turned into the end of my night and this post as the concluding chapter of my study break. The store will be updated within the week, I will let you know a few days before listings go up! I am excited!