Sydney HQ.

Oh hey there!

So, where were we?

I am on my 2 week uni 'break' with as much work as ever to do, and with no one else to blame myself. Or perhaps the weather! It has been so lovely in Canberra and Sydney, the cold to warm transition makes me giddy and lightheaded and I am more interested in babbling about flowers and small dogs than sitting inside typing away all on my lonesome.

So, lots of time has been spent outside feel guilty and hedonistic/guiltily great, but hey, I just ate a really delicious home made, James-made pizza dinner complimented with my favourite wine ever while I sat on my bottom and watched 'Embarrassing Bodies' (oh man, oh boy, oh man - operating theatre close ups, urghhhh) so YEAH.

So, where were we?

Right. I updated the store today! Due to the whole spending too much time indulging myself and sleeping through my alarm, I was left in a situation at the start of the week that meant that some of the store photographs were done in the normal 'studio' (heh), and the rest had to be hauled up to Sydney with me to be photographed in a makeshift studio in an attic with a slightly tricky light situation. I apologise in advance if the inconsistent light is confusing or offending you, and needless to say I won't let it happen again -scout's honour!

This weekend the Festival of Dangerous Ideas is being held at the Sydney Opera House. I will be in attendance on both days (going to 5 talks) and am very excited about the whole affair. Last year's festival was great and I enjoyed every minute of it - some talks were a bit so-so but the concept is fantastic and it's a wonderful privilege to be able to attend simply because I have the means to, and some spare time.

I hope you are having wonderful spring days and are planning dates with nice guys and girls and also reading something that is not boring. I plan to: go on a Sydney suburbs adventure, try some group Bikram Yoga, visit the Spanish quarter, op shop shop shop shop and learn some romantic braids to weave in my hair.

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