the weeds.

Weeds! Glorious weeds!

I am going to miss my big Canberra backyard dearly when I move.

My mum is an edible plant hunter and every time she visits she discovers a new edible plant that I was unaware of growing in the backyard. So far I am aware that there is a walnut tree, parsley, mint, figs, oriental leeks, and lemons. I am hoping that the spring will bring me some surprise berries or sweet fruits, too!

Unfortunately however, the reedy weeds are now as tall as some of the trees...

This is my new favourite warm-weather outfit: $1.00 (!) silky singlet, $1.00 (!!) navy blue floral print maxi. It is the most comfortable partnership of clothing ever. And how much do I love a casually low slung back? So much. So so much. Though it makes the brassiere situation a little tricky. I don't usually wear much jewellery, so this is one of my few, favourite necklaces. It's a little bronze airplane that I bought on my fun-extreme trip to South Korea with Suze last year.

With so much school work to do over the next few weeks, I will inevitably be spending the best part of the day, and the worst, indoors. So today I ran out to catch some rays and get my head into a nicer space before resuming essay writing. Wish me luck!

ps. if you are adventurous, click here.