ball time.


I went to my first Masquerade Ball last night at James' grandmother's lodge- it was the sweetest thing in the world!

Sitting on the perimeter of the dance floor listening to country covers reminded me a lot of Friday night social dances that I used to attend at Tuggeranong Community Centre during my ballroom dancing days. There were some fantastic looking characters with sequinned masks and feathers, graduation robes, silver ballroom shoes and Zorro-style capes. There were also some suspicious meatballs being served. Never trust meatballs.

The Graduate.

Grandmother Grace emerged victorious from the night, being awarded a prize as best dancer, naww! After the festivities, we grabbed a burrito and quesadillas from Mad Mex nearby (delicious) then watched a 3 part documentary presented by Ross Kemp (who is a very funny looking piece of man) on piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Nigeria. Eye opening stuff. This is pretty much the best online compendium of documentaries ever and makes for great pre-bed viewing.

Today James and I started off the day by strolling down to the polling booth at Bourke Street Primary and exercising our civic duty to vote. Pending Federal election results are making me quite nervous right now. I do so hope that the ABC Election update is inaccurate.

There was a terribly uninteresting garage sale across the road, which we skimmed through quickly before heading off towards Oxford Street to get to Bondi Junction. One of my favourite things about Sydney (perhaps just inner city Sydney, like Surry Hills, which is the only suburb I spend a decent amount of time in) is the active market and garage sale life. Always an open garage, terrace front or market, always! My weekend dreams fulfilled. The walk down Oxford Street, through Paddington and Woollahra was lovely - charming terrace houses and beautiful flowers in bloom. I don't even remember how long the walk took to Bondi Junction, it was irrelevant.

Gator-pastry! Bakery in Woollahra.

Watched 'Inception' and now fully understand what the raving was all about. What a fantastic film.

Anyways, who even wants to read blow-by-blow accounts of my 24 hours in Sydney?! I just felt compelled to record these lovely events and days that bring me a lot of joy and make me very grateful for the wonderful company I keep. And I am currently too lazy to write it by hand in my diary so figured this would be an easy albeit public shortcut.

32 items are ending in the store tonight! Lots of sale pieces and 12 new lovely ones. Here are some of my favourites for this week:

Blue high waisted pleated shorts w/ belt.

White/navy 80s pleated day dress.

Red mini skirt black velvet detail and waistband.

Green tartan lace collar babydoll dress.

Black sleeveless LDB dress lace neckline.

Navy collared swing coat/blazer.

Plus 20 sale items - bidding ends starting from 7pm!