COFA's annual spring fair was held the Saturday that just passed, and I spent the day taking up too much space & oxygen behind my crafty friends Annie & Loz's stall.

Their collaboration, 'Oats We Sew', offer adorable, pint sized, hand made fabric & lace headbands made by Annie (using recycled fabrics!) and scrumptious fabric, ribbon and bead necklaces hand crafted by Loz.

I had the generous assistance of the ever-patient Baberaham Lincoln*, who designed these wonderful wee Sunday School promo cards, as well as organising the paper, buying it, cutting it, printing it...ahh....what a guy! Thank you & besos.

The cards were tied with twine to tiny paper dresses and wire coathangers that I (painstakingly) made myself. Those things took more hours than folding origami dresses and designing the actual cards themselves. Lucky for ABC iView and free TV documentaries I was able to keep my mind on something other than bending wire for the entire night! Bead wire is an enemy that I never knew I had. I must say, I was chuffed at how they turned out and they were a whole lot of fun to make. Certainly a good distraction from the thousands of words in essays I am also writing for school. Groan.

Congratulations on such a successful first run Annie & Loz and thank you so very much for having me at your stall and for such a lovely (and windy!) day!

*Definitely a more considerate and supportive partner than this hero.