Photos by Annie Nguyen.

Brown polka dot mini dress: thrifted (in store now!); Black leather wedges: thrifted;
White leather satchel: thrifted; Belt: Country Road

These shoes are one of the best things I ever did thrift!

Black leather with bow detail at the front - and they are just my size. Lucky me! I just need more excuses to actually wear them. I am also very fond of this brown polka dot dress; currently having a major love affair with polka dots that I see continuing on to the other side of summer. It is that time of the school year, and that time of the year-year (spring! it has finally come out today! I can breathe again!) where things seem to be happening a lot faster; the days are shorter. Rather than get all morose and reflective here, I'm going to keep this my positive space - full of nutty, buttery, sugary surprises. One such surprise that I came across yesterday, at Diana Rikasari's cute-overload blog, was her recipe for a 'Choco Banana Nutty Surprise'. My midnight study snack is about to get a whole lot more dangerous.

Whatever, 'summer body'!